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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Paths Are Stories

Perhaps all the so called known/existing paths are nothing but stories of experiences (perceptions as per conditioning of the nervous system) experienced by the known/famous people like Buddha (including all great Masters like Boddhidharma, Naropa, Tilopa, Saraha, Padmasambhava, etc. great Zen Masters and all those awakened ones who owe to Siddhartha Gautama), Mahavira, Jesus, Shankara, Ramana, Lalla of Kashmir Shavism, Nisargadatta, JK, Osho, UG, Adhyashanti, Byron Katie, etc. and many unknown or not famous also, who in their state of the so called ego (as in any case one has to start from belief in Ego) although set their goal/target to achieve the so called enlightened state, made all possible efforts too, but finally came to realisation and expressed in different ways with different words as per their conditioning which can be summerised :

1. Enlightenment is a myth or if at all there is such state, everything/everyone in the existence is in that state only as there is no other way to be. As Chogym Trungpa (a Buddhist teacher) said - Enlightenment is ego's ultimate disappointment.

2. Everything, if there is any, is absolutely as it should be in the moment.

3. There is no way for anything/anyone not to be in the conceptual time frame called moment, if at all there is any time.

4. Everything, if there is any, is simply happening on its own because there is no doer..therefore no controller too.

5. It's all a question of shift in attitude only, but for that to "happen" there is no shortcut/alternative to honest and earnest efforts. In any case the so called we are compelled to make effort due to conditioning of nervous system as Nisargadatta Maharaj said.

6. If you write/tell/express your story of experiences (perceptions) after you come to this realisation, a new path will come into existence because of ignorance of those with whom you shared your story.

7. None of the stories matches with another person's story, because the experiences which form the basis of stories are bound to differ from person to person as they all happen in nervous system conditioned differently for different persons, hence perceived differently. And further an experience always happens in conceptual time and space under influence of or due to certain set of circumstances which never gets repeated in existence. Hence, question of having same/similar experience as mentioned in other's story does not arise, but the so called ego due to its rigidity goes on expecting this to happen.

For example - If two persons appearing to be having same personality are exposed to the same thing for experiencing under the same circumstances/conditions and then told to express (write/talk) their experiences, their expressions are bound to be different as they can never perceive the things/experiences in similar fashion because of difference in conditioning of their nervous system. If this is the case with objective experiences what to say about the so called subjective ones. In fact there cannot be any subjective experience. All experiences are objective only.
Here quote of Heraclitus is appropriate when he said - “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man".

8. The paths are like lines drawn on surface of water and that too on running water because life is a verb not noun. That is why just for the shake of saying this is a pathless path.
P.S. - There is no intention to hurt anyone's sentiment/faith behind expressing so called my thoughts above.

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Let us understand some basics/roots.

Wherever demand of involvement of body is more important than the mind such crimes are bound to happen.

Let me try to explain.

Why the path of Bhakti and the path of Raj (Siddha) not effective now-a-days ?

There is no clear cut demarcation among Bhakti path, Raj (Siddha) path and Gyan path.

Every path contains qualities of all the paths but in different ratio.

The name is assigned on the basis of dominance of qualities of the path being given name.

The requirements/qualities in the person taking the various paths are as under:

Bhakti- Important requirements are-Innocence like child, simplicity and trusting mind.

Raj (Siddha) -- Important requirements are- Availability of enough spare time for asnas, pranayama, meditation, etc. as expounded by Patanjali. A fixed calm place for sadhna. Following a rigorous discipline as given by the Guru. There is always a chance to go astray if a real Master of Siddha tradition is not the Guru. This path is capable of giving rise to Spiritual Ego (especially when siddhies start manifesting) which is more dangerous and powerful than the normal ego.

Gyan – (direct path) -- Important requirements are- Study of various scriptures, discussion with the fellow travelers and Masters (like Upanishadic Era), etc. with utmost consciousness. Remaining conscious/alert is the key.

In this era of science the mind is doubtful in nature and is full of information due to various reasons. We are so attached to the mind that the mind is behaving like master instead of servant of this body who took it for its smooth survival. The mind/person does not remain simple at all. The innocence is not seen in the waking state at all. Hence, the question of trust does not arise. Therefore surrendering does not happen effortlessly. The so called surrendering is no surrendering at all. However exception may be there. In the name of trust only beliefs and faith are existing. Hence Bhakti path in not effective as it is not suitable for almost all the persons in this yuga/era.

So ar as the Raj(Siddha) path is concerned this is the most difficult path to be followed due to the requirements/preconditions mentioned above. Nobody has enough time for sadhna or a calm suitable place for that. Scarcity/unreliability of real guru of Siddha tradition is another major factor.

Hence the most suitable path in this era of science is nothing but undoubtly the Gyan path. The basic programme of the mind is logic. In this path, mind which is the only instrument available for all the paths, is used at maximum.

Now coming to the crimes the maximum crimes happen in path of Bhakti (beliefs and faith) followed by Raj and then Karma.

In Gyan path happening of crime is very difficult as the chance of involvement of body i.e. touching the disciples body by Masters/Gurus, with Masters/Gurus is very remote...almost impossible. And this path has no pre-requirements/conditions attached.

However, the so called Gurus/Masters are not the root of the problem.

These poor fellows are fruits of the trees we irrigate and fertilise and the trees are the the so called paths other than Gyan Path (Tark and vitark, discussion,debate, etc).

Have you ever heard such type of crimes happening on this path/way ?

Such crimes generally happen on the tree of Bhakti and Raj Yoga (Kundalini, Tantra, Yoga, etc.).

We ourselves are responsible.

Our desires take us to such Gurus/Masters of Bhakti and Raj because hardly any mental effort is required there in comparison to Gyan Path, at least not at all in Bhakti.

We must understand that the religion/spirituality has do with mind and mind only and in present day everyone's mind has become so strong that only this mind is required to be deployed intensely so that it looses its energy stuck in beliefs or doubts so that finally understanding dawns upon. And for that Gyan marg is the only solution.

Bhakti being the easiest from mental energy spending point of view, is not suitable at all.

What is the solution ???

Scientific approach is needed otherwise......

The mind is so programmed that it cannot think of doing anything without expectation. The existence of expectation of something itself shows that the person lacks that thing.

In a sense existence of expectation is a dis-ease (lacking something or emptiness).

For example a healthy person does not think of going to doctor because there is no symptom of unhealthiness. But what an unhealthy person expects? He expects that the symptoms of the dis-easiness should go away.


1) If a person is reading a book with interest it means whatever he is putting in his mind it was not there. It means emptiness for that thing was there in his mind. That emptiness has created a situation of expectation (dis-easiness) and interest is the symptom of that. If the interest is no more to read that book, means expectation (dis-ease) to read is no more there and the person/mind comes to rest as far as that expectation is concerned.

2) A person goes to office, but why? In order to do or complete some work or to get some work done. Engaging oneself in work is a symptom of dis-easiness here. One the work is done/completed the symptom is no more and the person/mind comes to rest as far as that expectation is concerned.

The above can be applied to all of our engagements in which we are continuously engaged and there is no escape also. The symptoms of all our engagements/action (dis-easiness) can be clearly found out by oneself.

From the above one thing is very obvious that before starting the treatment of dis-ease the symptoms have to be clearly found out, otherwise whatever is done is nothing but arrow in the darkness.

Now come to the point.

Many of us are engaged in so many spiritual practices to attain something called enlightenment/moksha/salvation / union with God/coming to non-dual state/bliss and what not?

Our initial desire to engage ourselves (either on our own or due to any circumstances) in such practices shows that we were lacking something.

That unknown lacking (void/emptiness) created a desire in ourselves which gave rise to disturbance (dis-easiness) in our psychosomatic system and in order to get rid of that disturbance we engaged ourselves in spiritual practices.

But most of us are not aware of the above happenings in the psychosomatic system and how we have been driven to the point where we are.

Basically we are engaged in treating our symptoms of dis-easiness so that we come to our natural state (swabhav).

But the tragedy is that before our treatment got started we had not pointed out (others also not pointed out) what are the symptoms which require attention.

Unless the symptoms, which have given rise to such a state of ours which require change/modification by way of any method/path/practice, nothing is going to yield. We will just remain in the same state.

Hence a scientific approach is needed in this field too as spirituality is much higher science than normal science.

FB ---- An Excellent Platform For CATHARSIS

FB ---- An Excellent Platform For CATHARSIS

The greatest advantage of being on FB is that

""here we can express even those thoughts which generally we avoid to express in real life due to basically “fear of” getting ridiculed, getting others irritated/angered, getting work derailed, etc."" and that too without showing our Face 

We must understand the difference between real life interaction where communication happens through words, sound, video (face to face), body language and aura level communication (max) while on FB generally it is through words only..max video chat can happen in some cases. Hence, here on FB the communication level is minimum.
Therefore we should avoid taking anything personally.

Perhaps this is one of the best platforms for happening of catharsis.

We can even abuse freely and get unfriended/blocked or unfriend/block the target of our abuse. 

If you have fake identity then sky is the limit for the purpose of catharsis. 

And in this way we can test/improve our mental state too.

Helplessness Powerlessness

When we recognize personal powerlessness in our own actions, the twin burdens of pride and guilt vanish.

When we recognize powerlessness in the actions of others, we are freed from the poisoning effects of resentment and hatred.

Relieved of pride, guilt, resentment and hatred we live comfortably with life as it comes, in true humility and peace.

Wyane Ramesh

A Beautiful Metaphor of CONDITIONING

A Beautiful Metaphor of CONDITIONING

If you plunge a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump out. 

But if you place the frog into cool water and slowly heat it to boiling, the frog won’t notice and will slowly cook to death. 

E.W. Scripture, who wrote The New Psychology in 1897.

He cited earlier German research:
“. . . a live frog can actually be boiled without a movement if the water is heated slowly enough; in one experiment, the temperature was raised at the rate of 0.002 [degrees Celsius] per second, and the frog was found dead at the end of 2.5 hours without having moved.”

This is a beautiful metaphor for how the mind adjusts itself slowly but steadily i.e. how conditioning happens without our knowledge/awareness.

Perhaps the Masters/Gurus just want to make us realize that “all of our actions are happening under the influence of conditioning and genes”.

Perhaps for that purpose they prescribe various mental as well as physical techniques to practice i.e. they try to condition us in a new but easy way so that it can be understood easily.

If Masters say that there is nothing to change…..there is none who is required to be changed………everything is perfect in here-now (moment) will amount to putting the frog in boiling temperature and the so called mind will not digest it.

Life is always there

Although the life as such is same in all the life forms including plant kingdom...may be even inanimate, 

but expressing itself differently 

depending upon 

the food/material available, prevailing circumstances (including genes) and the intensity of the force behind life to pick up or to arrange the food/material to express itself.

The above implies that life is everywhere and all the time...but to express its presence food/material is needed. Further there is a threshold limit of intensity of life force which decides in which form it will get expressed. For example.....suppose a person dies...what happens in that case.

In this case the intensity of life force come down below the threshold limit to express itself as human because of quality and quantity of food (the materials of the body).

Now after sometime say 24 hours or so small worms start appearing in the dead body, because the food available becomes suitable for the life to express itself in the form of worms.

Hence, the life force is never absent..its question of suitable food as well as circumstances to express itself.